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French Dragoon, 18Reg. Egypt 1798, Battle of the Pyramids

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Different cavalry units served in the Egyptian campaign - hussars, horse-chasseurs and dragoons. The Napoleonic expeditionary force in Egypt included the 3rd, 13th, 14th, 18th and 20th Dragoon Regiments. Dragoon military units were infantry trained and armed to fight mounted or on foot which proved to be extremely useful on the Egyptian battlefield.

Our character is an 18th Dragoons cavalryman (formerly Du Roi) as they appeared during the Battle of the Pyramids in 1789, clad in the original uniform worn upon departure back in France.

The uniform of the Dragoons consisted of a green coat with lapels, cuffs, turnback-cuffs and the collar of the regimental facing colour.

The 18th Dragoons’ facings were pink as well as the piping of the outer vertical pockets. Another specific element of the uniform was a Grecian helmet made of brass with a brass crest featuring a black helmet mane and a red plume (not worn during combat). Performing both cavalry and infantry duties, the Dragoons were equipped with a saber and a musket.

In 1799 the knee-high black riding boots were replaced by the more practical and lighter-weight boots worn by the Hussars.

Sculptor: Antonio Meseguer

Box art: Alex Varela

Scale: 75mm

Limited Edition of 150 copies