Tiny Leads

The Last Son

34.95 EUR / In stock.

Sculptor: Dae Hyoung Kim
Box art: Alex Varela
Art: María Fernández
Scale: 1/10
Material: resin
Pieces included: 2
Price: 34.95€

Limited edition of 150 copies


‘She was all he had left in his life. She was the only one left after everyone else had gone. His brothers, the club, his own family… everything had vanished but her.

Everything used to be different and he was doing fairly well. The business was fine, the family would take care of everybody. Those were definitely good days. Roadway camaraderie at its best.

Then one day, everything changed. Problems began to arise. The feds showed up. And so did the guys from the ATF and other gangs. Gradually, everything started to fall apart like a house of cards, crushing all fellow riders.

The first one to go was the rookie. And with him, his long sought-after dream to become one of them. He always proved to be so helpful. The first one to help you up, and sadly the first one to fall.

Most of them got locked up. Jackie, Costello, O’Donnell… even Marrow. They all ended up in jail in the wake of  a deceitful conspiracy woven into a tissue of lies .

After the downfall, she was everything he had left. His most reliable and faithful companion. His travel partner. Good old Dyna.

His motorbike. She has always been there, revelling in the force of the wind, at great speed, savouring the sense of freedom. It felt like flying. It felt like two becoming one.

They were alone now. There was nothing left but an expanding horizon ahead of them. The club was over. The family was over. He was the last son.’